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In our recycling portfolio we offer specialized crushing services for various products such as polypropylene, polyethylene, high pressure polyethylene, low pressure polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate and other polymer compounds.
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Processing of secondary raw materials clearly contributes to the sustainable development of life on Earth. Its use is the main way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and minimize the total consumption of primary raw materials. Thus, we have devoted ourselves to becoming industry experts so that we can help those who use recycling for future success.
The process of fragmentation is divided into several basic stages:
First of all, the sorted raw materials enter the washing and drying complex (MSC). During this process, reagents can be used that contribute to the qualitative removal of particles of dirt, grease, oil, oil products, etc.
The material then goes through screw-type drying and feeds into the hopper.
Prepared in this way, polymeric raw materials fall into the equipment of a new generation, which combines several cycles:
1. Formation of agglomerate. At this stage polyethylene enters the agglomerator, where it is sintered as a result of heating, and then fed into the screw.
2. Granulation. The hot molten plastic is fed to the extruder, where the polyethylene melts and hot melting of the melted plastic and the formation of pellets occur without contact with the air. Here, various dyes and processing aids can be added to the polyethylene
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