Polymer-sand products
High quality products
Polymer-sand sewer manholes
• not attractive for theft, because Metal-free and not subject to recycling
• Low cost of hatch on the market, in comparison with classical cast iron
• beautiful appearance
• do not rust, are very resistant to aggressive environment
• light weight, with high strength
• Wide range of colors
• not combustible
• has a high heat and frost resistance, from -50 оС to +50 оС
• the possibility of applying logos to the surface of the cover
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Polymer Sand Pavement Slabs
Tile made of universal polymer sand material. Eco-friendly, has high strength and durability. Sidewalk tiles are presented in a wide range of colors, various shapes and structures. The tile is easy to maintain.
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Sprinklers are used to cover the wells of storm sewage, instead of cast iron, in terms of their characteristics, they are not inferior to them. A composite rainwater intake and a rainwater intake grate can be operated at temperatures from -40С to + 90С, resistant to fuel, the weight of the composite rainwater receiver is much less than cast iron, which makes its transportation cheaper, and installation is simpler.
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