Secondary granule
Secondary polymer pellet
Nowadays, polyethylene has become the most common material on the planet, but despite its convenience in everyday life and industry, it is extremely reluctant to decompose in the environment - the complete disintegration of polyethylene products takes more than one hundred years.
Because of this, the only reasonable solution was the recycling of plastic. The main product of such processing is just secondary granules.
Due to the recycling, the amount of inert waste that pollutes the environment is reduced. Also, recycling has shown an economic benefit too - the secondary pellet costs much less than the original polyethylene, and at the same time it is almost as good as it is.
Depending on the raw material, the company Temp Ukraine produces different types of granules.
The secondary pellet, which we offer our customers, can be used in the manufacture of polymer products of different types. The scope of secondary pellet LDPE is extremely wide.
An important feature of these granules is the absence of odor and the preservation of their original properties.
It is also important to note that we offer granules of uniform color, that is, the products from them are obtained in monochromatic colors. This means that the customer, when making an order, can independently choose the color of the granules.
We guarantee a uniform color material according to your order.
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